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Tortoise Turquoise - Jewelry

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry is very unique and becoming very popular. Many people are starting to love the colors of Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry. Durango Silver Company designs and makes Tortoise Turquoise into all types of Jewelry. We make Sterling Silver jewelry as well as multi-carat gold jewelry using Tortoise Turquoise as well as a combination of other gemstones as accents. All of our jewelry is American handmade silver jewlery and gold jewelry. Here are some examples of Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry we have made.

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry

More About Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry

We are the owners of the Tortoise Turquoise Mine in Central Nevada, USA. We mine our Turquoise, grade it and process it. We cut only the highest grades and mount it into Jewelry and sell cabochons to other fine Jewelers, worldwide. Our partner sends his share of the Tortoise Turquoise to a bead shop in Arizona to have it made into beads all all shapes. We also sell Tortoise Turquoise Beads. American gold jewelry and 925 Silver Jewelry are the main vehicles for Tortoise Turquoise. Tortoise Turquoise has been used in Native American Jewelry such as Navajo Jewelry, Zuni Jewelry, Santo Domingo Jewelry and more. American Indian Jewelry is one of the most popular forms of sterling silver jewelry on earth and the most popular of this hand crafted silver jewelry is Turquoise jewelry.

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry

Buy Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry Online

We welcome you to visit our online store to find Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry that we have made. If you would like to see additional pieces, please contact Dillon Hartman

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry is unique due to the unique color of this rare American Turquoise. Tortoise Turquoise only comes in shades of green Turquoise, brown Turquoise, yellow Turquoise and white Turquoise. Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry is wonderful for men and women alike. Having said this, a majority of our Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry has been sold to men. Men love the neutral and earthy colors of Tortoise Turquoise jewelry. Tortoise Turquoise makes wonderful men's and women's Turquoise rings.

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