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New Cabochons from the Tortoise Turquoise Mine

New Cabochons from the Tortoise Turquoise Mine

Brown Tortoise Spiderweb TurquoiseHey ya’ll we have been back into our stash of rough and will be cutting new cabochons from natural Tortoise Turquoise, Variscite, and Chalcosiderite.

We have been diggin’ through the old buckets and have some great rough we are cutting.  We will have everything from brown with black spiderweb, mint green with black spiderweb to white.

Mint Green Tortoise TurquoiseCabachons will be in free form, oval, rectangle, square, and teardrop shapes.  Dillon Hartman will be cutting some beautiful flowing designer cut cabs shaped like flames, trapezoids, wisps, shields, and more. Great for any style of jewelry.  And yes, we will have un-backed cabochons.

Tortoise Turquoise, Variscite, and Chalcociderite Cabochons will be available on: || InstaGram