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Turquoise Rings

Turquoise Rings

  If you like green Turquoise Rings you will love a Tortoise Turquoise Ring as Tortoise Turquoise has a wide spectrum of color's from a deep rich green, mint green all the way to a carmel color. The matrix in Tortoise is black Manganese and often it has spiderwebbing which is very collectible. There are examples of Tortoise Turquoise Rings on this site, check them out. If you would like to see some good examples of Turquoise Rings with Tortoise Turquoise that are available, check out Durango Silver Company as they mine this Turquoise and produce Sterling Silver Jewelry with it. Take a look at some Tortoise Turquoise Rings Now!

Tortoise Turquoise Rings

Tortoise Turquoise Ring

Tortoise Turquoise Rings are unusual as the colorations of this Turquoise are so different from most other types of Turquoise, this type of Turquoise looks great in Silver Turquoise Rings as well as Gold Turquoise Rings. Tortoise Turquoise is from central Nevada USA near Mina, Nevada USA. Tortoise Turquoise runs in Manganese which is a very hard rock and makes it harder then most types of Turquoise to get out of the ground. It also runs in small pockets and we find a lot of ribbon type material where the Turquoise has grown in the cracks of the Manganese. There are also pockets of Nuggets which are usually spiderwebbed with black matrix. Many individuals really like the carmeling in the stones and it does look great in a Turquoise Ring.

Quality Turquoise Rings

Quality Turquoise Rings

This is a Tortoise Turquoise Ring in Gold that has the carmel colorings as mentioned above. Many people really like this very unusual colorings for Turquoise. Actually, the material lays on the outer edges of the main Turquoise veins, this material is Varisite which is a sister to Turquoise. This coloration is stunning, it is very unusual and Turquoise Rings with this material are awesome. We invite you to read more about Tortoise Turquoise as well as Tortoise Turquoise Rings on this site and we invite you to visit, which is our online store . We have many Tortoise Turquoise Rings available in our Silver Gallery.

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry

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We welcome you to visit our online store to find Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry that we have made. If you would like to see additional pieces, please contact Dillon Hartman

Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry is unique due to the unique color of this rare American Turquoise. Tortoise Turquoise only comes in shades of green Turquoise, brown Turquoise, yellow Turquoise and white Turquoise. Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry is wonderful for men and women alike. Having said this, a majority of our Tortoise Turquoise Jewelry has been sold to men. Men love the neutral and earthy colors of Tortoise Turquoise jewelry.

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